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About Us
About Us and Our Farm
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Finally, I was working in Brandenburg, KY, when one of my
patient's had 3 Bloodhound Puppies he was taking to the Vet
after his therapy.  I fell in love, I told him I just had to have one!

After some negotiating, I traded a calf that had recently been
born to Jacob's first calf.  So we called her Lilly.  My farm was
complete and the story may have ended there, but we
decided to add a few more friends!
My name is Colleen Ball.  I am a Physical Therapist.   I grew up in the city
and always dreamed of living in a log home in the country.  I wanted
children, a little farm with horses and a big bloodhound lying on the porch.  
Well in 1988, I married John Ball a country boy from Culvertown, Kentucky.
 We bought the land that had been in his family for 3 generations and
started making dreams come true.We cleared the land and John built the
log home.  We now have 22 acres of farm land.  Three children came
along in fast order (2 Sons and 1 Daughter), demanding much of our time
and money, and the farm part of the dream got put on hold.  I really never
thought it would come to pass.
Our oldest son Jacob got involved with the National FFA Organization and Agriculture classes in High
School.  As a project for one of his classes he decided to raise a calf.  Well in order to do that, we needed
more land cleared and a fence put up.  Jacob tried to talk his Dad into renting a post hole digger, but John
thought digging post holes by hand would build character!  Needless to say my boys all have great
We then needed a little barn for sheltering the calf.  John was
able to teach the boys and our daughter some carpentry work
and up went the little barn.  Now we had pasture, fence, barn
and 3 calves.  At this point, I had to have a horse.  Along came
Specky,  my beautiful Spotted Leopard Appaloosa.  My  
second son Tommy, then wanted a horse also.  We traded his
calf for Leo, a little Quarter horse.

John got 2 miniature Billy Goats to clear some brush.  Sugar a
solid white cat took up residence in the barn.  John and the
children started to put up hay to feed for the winter.
Our Barn
Specky & Sugar
Now our dream was really starting to take
shape.  We actually had a little farm.  But
wait, what about that Bloodhound?  

We had two dogs already, Skywalker the
black lab mix that adopted us years ago and
Dolly a boxer mix who had survived being hit
by a car.  Dolly had a bad leg but great spirit!
Still no Bloodhound!
2012 Update:
The kids have grown up and the dogs are beginning to take over. Jacob
graduated from University of Kentucky with a degree in Aguculture and
teaches in Henderson County Ky. He and John bought Joleen our first black
and tan. She is spoiled rotten and will grow up thinking she is a lap dog.
Karis is now in College and was a great help with all the puppies this
summer even though she isn't a farmer at heart. Tommy is also in College
and bought Daisy Mae another Black and Tan.
We lost Dolly our box mix this year, she was a tough little dog and is
missed. Skywalker continues to put up with all these bloodhounds even into
his 12th year.